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'Ruddington Memories'


The final year of university always sees both a dissertation and a major project. For my final year project, I found myself thinking deep about what I wanted beyond the university and more importantly what was already out there.


Having lived in Nottingham for three years to the point I found the city and it’s surrounding history infatuating, being a regular volunteer at the Nottingham Heritage railway helped drive this curiosity and passion for the research and wanting to understand what was there, the history and ultimately was it was destroyed.


I created a book that visualises the Ruddington to Leicester section of the Great Central railway. Showcasing the end of steam, closure, rebirth and rise through the preservation movement. Showing a unique story and people, brought together through railways. I’ve taken photographs, as well working through found pictures and film within private archives, the public archives of Leicester, and most importantly the Nottingham Heritage railway, formally ‘Great Central railway’ (Nottingham) archive.

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