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Second year of university brought so many new and different challenges; the first part of the year was led into a public exhibition displaying my work alongside course mates as a cohort within a public gallery space. Personally, I'd been through a tumultuous time in my life losing free family members which led me down a very dark and treacherous path and this project was to explore my own mental health and mental well being. Challenging the perceptions of the male mental health as a topic, while also allowing me a somewhat therapeutic a way of getting a lot of hurt out of my system through photography. It was a very public way of displaying my work and my own rawness as a person, but I felt it was important to myself to push my own boundaries of both myself and my practise to see if I can photograph the rawness through the self portrait while also speaking to a highly loaded subject matter in male mental health.

The second part of second year came with an immense challenge, the university was shut and the country was locked down. The challenge to myself was to create a project within my home environment, a deeply challenging project but perceptions understandings were had to be challenge like never before. For me, light was a thing that broke through to my vision. lighting is everything to our being without like we don't exist, so for me I wanted to create a digital book which can be seen here in which I challenge and try and understand the different perceptions of life within light, one also looking into my own Welsh heritage and seeing into my language. The Welsh language is a dying language which is trying to be revived across the whole of the nation and for me as a proud Welshman I want to help push my own the standing of the language and ability in which I can speak and write it, this is one of the challenges I gave myself in lockdown to really appreciate to revaluate my own language skills.

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